Oceanpick’s Sustainability Mission

Irfan Thassim “We are a people of the ocean. Our brands, our corporate culture, our products, methods, and worldview all begin with the ocean. At Oceanpick, we believe that sustaining our marine environment is the key to everything.

Trincomalee Bay, on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka, is the beating heart of Oceanpick. It’s blue waters nurture and give life to the barramundi we farm, package, and market to customers all over the world. It is our home. But it is a home we share with a diverse range of marine fauna and flora, as well as the numerous local fishing communities that depend upon it for life. And we are committed to ensuring our home remains pristine and ecologically balanced for future generations.

This commitment spurs us to ensure that every aspect of our operations contributes to our sustainability goals; from responsibly sourced feed to waste management to low carbon logistics.

Trincomalee itself, the Indian Ocean, and the wider marine ecosystem of our planet is as vital to the health of our company as it is to humanity itself. As we at Oceanpick continue our mission to provide our customers with high quality, healthy, and sustainable ocean-farmed food, we understand that the stewardship of our marine environment is not optional. It is, and will remain, our top priority.”

– Irfan Thassim, founder Oceanpick

Our 3 Pillars of Sustainability

Sustainability 3 Pillars

Oceanpick’s Sustainability Initiatives

Beach Cleaning Program
School Book Donation Program
Community Health Awareness Program – 2024

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